India Ocean Delights

1.       Bombay Deep Fried Prawns                   

2.       Masala Prawns                                          

3.       Queen Crispy Deep Fried Prawns           

4.       King Deep Fried JUMBO Prawns in Shell  

5.       King Fish Fillet                                       

6.       King Fish Fillet in Bread Crumbs         

7.       Prawns Saute                                           

8.      Tuna Fish Fillet                                       

9.       Pan Fried King Fish                                

10.    Crispy Fish Fillet                                    

11.    Crispy Deep fried Prawns                                

12.    Garlic Fish                                                        

13.    Masala Fish                                           

14.    Italian Fish Fillet (With Cheese)                      

15.    Fish in Coconut Sauce                             

16.    Chilly King Fish Fillet s                                  

17.    Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce                                 

18.    Fish Saute                                               

19.    Prawns Chilly served with French Fries


The above are served with Either Rice ; French Fries or Mashed Potatoes